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Volume 3, Issue 3

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The Research Committee was created at the founding of the Urban Appalachian Council more than thirty years ago and has always informed the council through active research. To be notified of future research committee meetings, which are open to all, please contact or phone 251-0202.

Please send your article, announcement, or website link to Roberta Campbell at Also, feel free to forward this newsletter to interested parties.

UAC presents an Appalachian Legacy at the Freedom Center

To celebrate its 35th Anniversary, the Urban Appalachian Council presents an Appalachian Legacy at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center of Cincinnati. Featured is Susan Pepper, singer/scholar, in concert, and the documentary, Coal Country, by Mari-Lynn Evans. The event will include hors d’eouvres and a cash bar. The event is free and open to the public. However, reservations are required as seating is limited. Please call 513-251-0202 or email to make a reservation and/or get directions to the Freedom Center.

UAC Board receives background data on service area at “Forward”

Phyllis Shelton of the Urban Appalachian Council staff and Phil Obermiller, Research Committee member, presented background information that they developed for the Outreach Committee of the UAC. The presentation took place on August 22 at the UAC Board of Trustees’ “Forward” in which the board assessed progress on the organization’s Strategic Plan.

Shelton and Obermiller combined statistics on white poverty with data on current levels of neighborhood services, UAC service delivery by area in 2008, and distance from the UAC main office to develop a ranked set of priority areas for board and staff consideration. The UAC board has their written report under advisement.

Rebecca Lee to visit MUH BIS students

Students in Dr. Roberta Campbell’s Bachelor of Integrative Studies seminar will hear Dr. Rebecca Lee’s experience researching homeless women on November 17 at Miami University Hamilton. The seminar, BIS 201, is first in a series for students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree at the regional campuses of Miami University.

BIS 301 includes a service-learning component and BIS 401 is a capstone course in which students develop a project focused on their learning experiences and plans for the future. Dr. Campbell’s 201 seminar is themed “place-identity”. Dr. Lee and Dr. Campbell are both members of the UAC Research Committee.

Appalachian Heritage Month begins at Miami University Hamilton

The Miami University Hamilton campus will host the fourth month-long celebration of Appalachian heritage. On October 20, at 7:30, Jamie Ross and Ross Spears, producers of the documentary Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People, will address a campus and community audience in Wilks Conference Center. Ronald Eller, who is featured in the four-hour film series, will also be a guest presenter on October 27, at 7:30 in Wilks.

Dr. Eller is a historian at the University of Kentucky and a well-known Appalachian scholar. The four-part documentary by Ross and Spears will be shown on the evenings of Oct. 13, Nov. 3, 10, and 17 at 7:30 pm, also in Wilks Conference Center.

The Appalachian Heritage Month is the brainchild of Professor Kathleen Burgoon of MUH. This year’s program is spearheaded by Dr. Lee Sanders, Director of Appalachian Studies at MUH. UAC Research Committee member and MUH Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Roberta Campbell, has provided some assistance.

2010 Appalachian Studies Conference to be held in Dahlonega, Georgia

North Georgia College and State University will host the thirty-third Annual Appalachian Studies Association conference on March 19-21. The theme is “Engaging Communities”. For conference details and various opportunities for participation, visit

Research Notes
(From the Research Committee: Robert Ludke, Chair)

Minutes of July 17, 2009:


Ryan Shadle is now the publisher of the Appalachian Courier and is looking for a printer. Phillip Obermiller has been researching area studies programs in the South Pacific (Pacific Studies) which have strong parallels to Appalachian Studies. This is in preparation for a book on area studies he is editing with Chad Berry and Shaunna Scott. Roberta Campbell is going to be on a panel regarding the social construction of race for the Association for Humanist Sociology in November in New Orleans. Debbie Zorn reported that the Community Research Collaborative between the United Way and the University of Cincinnati are looking at indicators. They will be offering fellowships for two people in two areas a year. Debbie will blog once a month on youth issues and develop a white paper. Kay Russ has finished her chapter for teaching and working with Appalachian children for Lindsey Wilson College’s book. Rebecca Lee is developing parenting classes for homeless mothers based on her dissertation research. She is talking to Donna Jones about moms and substance abuse.

Bob Ludke and Phil Obermiller are continuing their work on the on Appalachian health. Each article will conclude with policy and research suggestions. There will be a conference on Appalachian health in the future. Bob has submitted a proposal for a long-term research grant on substance abuse for the Appalachian health center.


Committee members responded to Bob Ludke’s request for project suggestions for funding proposals. Phillip Obermiller suggested that Children’s Hospital admissions data, the public schools and participatory research would yield insights into children’s health and access to health care. Maureen Sullivan noted Donna Jone’s interest in a cancer registry.

The Committee also discussed Cincinnati State’s Retention Workshop.

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